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Thursday, December 09, 2004

First entry

ni tengah testing nih.
after reading lots of blogs,
i decided to do this bloggy thing,


sesaja nak rekod apa terjadi kat hidup aku skang nih.
mostly i'll be writing about what project i'm doing right now,
my study,
my life,
my simple review on books, manga, film etc.
and of course my comment on other bloggers' blog
such as mat jan, langsatz, joe perantau, tok rimau,
mak andeh, tipah,


btw, i really hope nobody that i know
either in real life or just online friend
would know about this.
top secret !



Blogger nur said...

in the first entry you'll say it a top secret.. 2 months onwards feel like telling everybody everything.. heheh

8:39 am  
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