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Thursday, December 30, 2004


things about tsunami 津波

1) it's a calamity caused by erupting earthquakes under the sea. for further detail. please type tsunami and google it okay?
2) i've never had any experience with tsunami when i was in japan. it was always 'どこどこにxxRの地震がxx時に発生しました。津波の恐れがありいません。but then, when i'm back at malaysia, i had it within my lifetime.
3) the closest thing would be song by SOUTHER ALL STARS titled 'TSUNAMI' . nice song although i don't know why they choosed tsunami as the title....?

speaking about japan, there has been countless of research about earthquake and related natural phenomenan such as tsunami etc. not suprising as they always have this earthquake etc.
scientific research has shown that prior to the coming earthquake there are few tell-tale signs,demonstrated by animals! such as cats running away from something, birds flying without any direction ( boleh tau ke?) fish acting weirdly,
there are of course other signs as well, but i can't quite remember it. mind you, all these i know from documentaries by japanese tv meant for edutainment. quite effective i should add.
anyway, i've read that there are some cases where the fish was acting weirdly a few days before the tsunami happened and that my friends is one of the proof.
sad thing, malaysians doesn't know this.
i mean, how could they? tsunami wrecking damage to malaysia is the first history in the world.

alfatihah untuk mereka yang meninggal dunia kerana dilanda oleh tsunami.
i'm advocating myself and others to give something to the victims, money, food, clothes, and of course do'a.

this is the malaysian mercy's maybank account
Please make sure there's something like fund for tsunami or something.
can't remember what.


p/s: no comment so far. heheheh good thing.
p/s/s: read 'THE DA VINCI CODE' . Comment and review to be posted later.
p/s/s/s: the book is awesome. can't put it down once you hold it.


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