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Sunday, April 10, 2005

why the name part 2

well i'm back.
i'll try to update this blog at least once a week.

okay as per last post's promise, i'll be explaining
what does 'jinse amakunai' means.

jinsei 人生: life, kehidupan
amakunai 甘くない: literally speaking= tak manis, not sweet

as you can see, amakunai is actually the negative form of amai.

original word = amai 甘い
negative form = amakunai 甘くない

in japanese, basically you just add -nai or -dewa arimasen to signify negative form.
but it is not as simple as that, there are rules regarding nouns, adjective, verb etc.
lenkali le aku bagitau.
anyway, jinsei amakunai lebih kurang macam emmm..
kehidupan yang sukar, yang pahit etc.

the thing is i don't really think my life is that amakunai.
tak jugak amai...tapi certainly not like joeperantau
man...his life is really amakunai right now.
but his getting by.
all the best to him :)

i think life is about making yourself better by the day.
sebagaimana sabda nabi muhammad s.a.w
(aku tak ingat the whole hadis but basically)
kalau hari ini tak lebih bagus dari hari semalam, sesungguhnya kita ini rugi.
nanti aku cari exact hadis.

anyway, there's this one phrase that i think is good to be shared.

benkyou ni narimashita

translation: this has been a lesson to me.

mungkin dlm BM kita ada phrase nih, even in English it could be traslated as per above.But what makes this phrase is different is how the Japanese makes it almost everyday saying. Meaning that in whatever they do, if they learnt something, they'll accept that knowledge and saying above phrase. This is their stance towards knowledge. They love knowledge. and that also shows their humbleness towards knowledge and to the person teaching them the knowledge.

i like that phrase.
one of the phrase i often used.

saikou :)

okaylah till next post.



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