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Thursday, April 14, 2005

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

apsal apple plak?
oohhh omputih yang buat phrase kat atas tuh, pasal tu la apple 'ek?
kalau BM plak camne?
sebiji pisang sehari keeps the doctor away? hehehe :P

Anyway,as a tribute to Doc-wan, today I want to blog a little about this prevention is better than cure stuff.

You see, last week I had my motorbike serviced. At first I intend to do just the minor thing, you know, change of motor-oil (I choose synthetic one), engine filter ( original from Modenas), realignment of chain ( can’t do this by myself ).
It should be just that, but the thing is, those mechanics always look for other parts that can be replaced ( increased profit ). So the taipan pointed out to me, that I need to change rear tire. Coz it’s already botak. Tak tukar nanti I can’t stop in time when some stupid car brakes because some other stupid driver brake all of a sudden.
Urghhh….so I agreed to change the rear tire to a new one which cost me RM150! ( mahal lagi dari tayar kereta).

Ingatkan semua dah settle, but nooo…no babeh,
Now the very attentive mechanics points out that my front tire need to be exchanged pulak! What?! Why?
* Him : you see this bulging and uneven part of your tire, now it’s okay to use this on road, but when the time comes, this tire will just exploded ( I think he’s exaggerating here…)

* Me : really ahh???that bad?

* Him : you can always change the tire when you got the money….but it’s just RM50maa…

* Me : yelah yelah, tukar yang baru. My life is worth more than RM50.

So there, the gist of it. My life is worth more than RM50 (metaphorically of course) . I don’t really know how much worth is my life but, definitely I don’t want to be in an accident just because I want to save RM50.
Duit insyaallah boleh cari tapi nyawa? Cuma satu je yang Allah s.w.t bagi pinjam.

Total cost of my motorcycle maintenance that day :RM300.


Tapi memang berbaloi, the feel of the ride, the handling , response semua memang bagus bangat. Kalau diumpakan sebagai isteri.....bergetah lagi motor aku muwahahaha.


Perasan tak yang kadang2 kita boleh nampak ada motorsikal yang lampu merah belakangnya tak berfungsi? Nak tau harga tukar mentol tu? Less than RM5!
Kalau kena langgar just because the other party didn’t see his/her motorcycle at night due to non-functioning rear lamp? Kalau mati, well, his life is just worth RM5.
Murah tuh weh!

Betul mati tuh kat mana2 pun boleh, even ada mentol belakang tu pun boleh kena langgar by some stupid idiot road user. Tapi definitely tak boh lampu tuh meninggikan lagi risiko dilanggar dari belakang. Aku tak tau orang lain, aku memang tak nak kena langgar just because of that.

So there you go, maintenance of your vehicles is very2 important. Jangan dok perlekehkan maintenance nih, pasal your own life and the one that you love depends greatly on that.

Speaking from my work environment plak,even kat mana2 kilang pun, even though maintenance department is not a really an important department, but the whole factory could be affected if there’s machine that broke down due to neglect of machine maintenance.

Tu baru hardware maintenance, i.e. machine maintenance belum lagi human factor maintenance...
speaking of which, do we overhaul our heart once in a while?...heart maintenance pun penting gak.

Prevention is really better than cure.

But then aaa, if that apple deprives me of my sweet doc-wan, nahh…I won’t be eating any apple anymore hehehehe :p

just joking nohh..doc-wan :)


Blogger mizzwanda said...

hehe nice story la zahar san..btoi2.prevention is better thn cure..seme org ckp camtu..even i oso gt this irritating car serviced few wks ago.tension giler tah apa dia buat tah sampai 3 times kena pi kedai tu balik in a day.kureng btoi2..they simply want $$$..tapi tatau la kan..heh

pergh i even made a big mistake last wk kut.. a needle which i poked my ptn termasuk dlm botoi darah..tetiba org lab tepon kat ward saying whos dr wan..adeh..habis satu machine stop rosak..tats it kus semangat btoi2.after this mmg cautious habis.haha

ceh xmo mkn apple ka..rugi woo ahaks! :P

7:31 pm  
Blogger zakzak said...

yer laa...bakpe makan apple?
nanti tak leh jumpa doc wan

tapi i ganti ngan tembikai or rambutan,
okay kan?hehe

10:54 am  
Blogger mizzwanda said...

haha i want rambutan=moktan..suka giler buah tu hehe

5:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:10 pm  

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