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Friday, April 29, 2005

specky specko speckaa

Dah siap2 nak pergi dah,
Dah siap pakai bedak, perfume etc. lah.
Tinggal nak pakai spec ja.

Mana aku letak?

Atas katil?

Gembur sampai tak rupa katil dah,
Tak jumpa gak…

Bawah katil?
Habis dah habuk2 bawah tuh aku tepis,
Tak jumpa gak…

Dalam tandas?
Tapi aku bangun pagi tak pakai spec gi tandas…
Takpe cari gak…
Tak jumpa gak…

This is becoming a freaking situation!!! Arghhhhh.

Okay, malam tadi aku gi minum air kosong,
Kat sinki?
Tapi…arghhh gi tengok dulu.
Tak jumpa gak….

Clock is ticking fast to 8 o`clock.

Kat mana lagi?
Dalam gobok baju?
Mana aku simpan spec dalam tuh.?
Takpe who knows I make exception just last night

Tak de jugak. chait!!!!pagal ding dong

I need some contingency plan…

Think zakzak think!
Think worst case scenario….
Me without my spec for the whole day…


Eh jap?
I think I have my previous spec somewhere in my desk.
But still, I have to go to office without my spec.
i`ll be rabun motorcyclist.
Terpaksa le aku ambik risiko…

And true, I have my old rusty spec tusked down at one cabinet.


But still thinking the worst case scenario
I need to buy new spec.
Now, the main concern is the style of spec…
Hmmm this could be interesting.

Nerd look or macho?

Professional or just plain sporty?

Traditionalist or futurist?


Well, let that decision making rest for a while.

Tapi balik2 dah terjumpa spec nya, it was under the rak gantung baju!!!muwahahaha.
Rupa2nya aku terletak kat rak gantung baju, and then biar je kat situ.
Pagi2 tak boleh nak jumpa pasal aku dah gelabah nak cepat ke ofis.


For the time being, me with a sporty looking spec is on hold…

till the story continuess...



Blogger mizzwanda said...

hehe icc specky ehh hehe..ehem2..awat tak kasi hilang ja teruih leh wat yg baru..wat yg kasi nampak stylish ka hahha..nyibuk ja den..kita cukup suka bab2 spek nih..sbb kita ada byk gak collection specs dari yg kuno2 sampai la yg buleh la thn..heh..aisehh malunya yg previous entry tu silap antaq hehe...sorry na zahran

11:15 pm  
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