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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

withdrawal syndrome

By definition: panjang sangat so sesapa yang berminat nak tau lebih lanjut sila gi sini:


But the simplest explanation that I can come up with is the symptom and behavioural changes that follows when addictive behaviour or addictive drug etc. consumption is stopped. Once the addictive stuff is stopped, withdrawal syndrome will kick in mostly in the form of anxiety and/or craving.

I think I experienced heavy withdrawal syndrome last week.

So pray tell me what’s the addictive behaviour or drug?

Err….reading other people’s blog….


Last week, my company’s internet connection went kaput and there goes too my every one hour amusement. Heck sometimes I even read blog for full one hour. Hampeh betul! Keja ke mana, dateline ke mana.

so I experienced anxiety lah,

-Apa la cerita terbaru langsat, doc-wan, hana, Tipah, mak andeh, kak atenah, joeperantau, mat jan dll.- was what I thinking for the whole week.

- aku tak update lagi kat blog nih, ada orang nak baca tak dapat, kesian….-was my regret.

The craving to double-click firefox’s icon and just clicking my favourite blogs was too much to contain, I had to look for other way to alleviate those anxiety and craving.

Work was the answer….

Pathetic, saiaku.


Okaylah, banyak gak kerja yang aku dapat buat minggu lepas.

Well that tells me, I am too addicted to blog for my own good.
Now I still read blogs but the rate has dropped down considerably.

Being busy with European order was another factor not allowing me to blog-hopping a much as I want. European order is relatively new to my company what with all the CE marking requirements. Well, that’s globalization.

maybe doc wan can tell us more about withdrawal syndrome?

Next entry. Globalization…I think.



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