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Thursday, December 30, 2004


things about tsunami 津波

1) it's a calamity caused by erupting earthquakes under the sea. for further detail. please type tsunami and google it okay?
2) i've never had any experience with tsunami when i was in japan. it was always 'どこどこにxxRの地震がxx時に発生しました。津波の恐れがありいません。but then, when i'm back at malaysia, i had it within my lifetime.
3) the closest thing would be song by SOUTHER ALL STARS titled 'TSUNAMI' . nice song although i don't know why they choosed tsunami as the title....?

speaking about japan, there has been countless of research about earthquake and related natural phenomenan such as tsunami etc. not suprising as they always have this earthquake etc.
scientific research has shown that prior to the coming earthquake there are few tell-tale signs,demonstrated by animals! such as cats running away from something, birds flying without any direction ( boleh tau ke?) fish acting weirdly,
there are of course other signs as well, but i can't quite remember it. mind you, all these i know from documentaries by japanese tv meant for edutainment. quite effective i should add.
anyway, i've read that there are some cases where the fish was acting weirdly a few days before the tsunami happened and that my friends is one of the proof.
sad thing, malaysians doesn't know this.
i mean, how could they? tsunami wrecking damage to malaysia is the first history in the world.

alfatihah untuk mereka yang meninggal dunia kerana dilanda oleh tsunami.
i'm advocating myself and others to give something to the victims, money, food, clothes, and of course do'a.

this is the malaysian mercy's maybank account
Please make sure there's something like fund for tsunami or something.
can't remember what.


p/s: no comment so far. heheheh good thing.
p/s/s: read 'THE DA VINCI CODE' . Comment and review to be posted later.
p/s/s/s: the book is awesome. can't put it down once you hold it.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

out of the hole

I am still in the testing mode right now.
emm...arial seems okay.
courier....amari yokunai
georgia....boleh kot?
lucida plak, macam times rasanya.
trebuchet....wide font i think.
verdana ...not to impressive.
webdings.....cam times dan lucida...

tak kisahle memana, yang penting boleh tulis.
i think i'll use different font at different article.
better to convey what i want at different times.

skang nih dah habis amtek hungary,
maknanya dah habis apa menghantui fiikiran aku untuk
beberapa minggu lepas nih.
kira okay gak le workload skang,
but still i've a lot of stuff to do.

skang ni muhasabah untuk amtek hungary.
below are several stuffs that i think i should have done better.
1) interlock door design is okay in principle, but i should have
make the assy drawing to see the assembled drawing much better.
2) if i got more time, i should consult peter on the necessity of several
design, such as can we make sliding mechanicsm instead of door mechanism?
3) again, i should have make assembly drawing.
4) once i make changes in one of the parts, i should have think also about the
effect of those change(s) to other parts.
5) i should be more assertive to wak-san. i know he doesn't really trust me,
but still i got to be more assertive during brainstorming.
6) i got to thank nazim for his resources :)
7) never use aluminium hinge for heavy duty mechanism. they are not up to the stress.
8) two roller is better than one.
9) below roller is not to good. it could have been, but if i have a better simulation during its
working route....
10) that brings us to my next muhasabah point - kena beli inventor 9. for next year.
11) emm....i need somebody to discuss my idea. to shoot my idea down if it's not good enough.

banyak lagi kot, tapi yang penting lepas nih nak kena fikir cara terbaik buat design tuh.
dengar2 ada lagi order dari europe. so i got to be more inventive.

okaylah. that's all about work. still got a lot of things to do.

other things.
- finished reading latest installement of barthemius trilogy: the golem's eye.
quite good, the charachter is growing and i still like barthemius wit and cold jokes hahahaha.
i think for the next installment, john@nathaniel will be more pressed about his current position as
the youngest ever minister in british empire's history. there will be more confrontation between nathaniel
and kitty i guess. other than that would be the mystery man who's the real conspirator of all the
chaos etc. i think mr. hopkins the real culprit and i really think that mr. hopkin= mr makepeace = the mastermind. guess i have to wait for the next installment. i miss barthemius. :p

- been busy with my master program. tak taulah, tapi rasa macam susah nak kejar. dengan kerja lagi.
ni aku main update je nih. mana nak studynya?最悪じゃねぇか?勉強しろよお前!

- bonus ....heheheheh now's that a real boost! got above average which i think is okay.
tapi aku mesti lebih progressive dan berdaya saing untuk tahun depan.
i got to be more assertive and resourceful.
got to use both of my assistants to their limit and potential.

- might be sent to japan next year's summer. panas tuh kat sana time musim panas. mintak2 tak bertembung dengan kelas master.

okaylah, that's about it.


Thursday, December 09, 2004

keja bulan nih

amtek hungary,
fcc thai
thai japan press,
ASAS, lee mountney, ask him about hungarian language instruction manual.

忙しいやで! 最悪ばっかじゃん?


First entry

ni tengah testing nih.
after reading lots of blogs,
i decided to do this bloggy thing,


sesaja nak rekod apa terjadi kat hidup aku skang nih.
mostly i'll be writing about what project i'm doing right now,
my study,
my life,
my simple review on books, manga, film etc.
and of course my comment on other bloggers' blog
such as mat jan, langsatz, joe perantau, tok rimau,
mak andeh, tipah,


btw, i really hope nobody that i know
either in real life or just online friend
would know about this.
top secret !