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Nak masuk winter kembali. main snowboard best gak ni.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Frozen meat in Darul Yaban

Some of you might know that I had my undergrad study at Japan. My university is situated at Hokkaido Island, the northern island of Japan.

Being a northern island at a cold climate country is no kidding matter. Sejuk woo time winter. The coldest temperature that I experienced was around -12degree Celcius. There are even places where the temperature was around -23.

Banyak kenangan kat jepun tuh…

Satu kenangan yang paling tak boleh lupa ialah pasal cara kreatif nak simpan daging ayam. You see, being a northern island in winter is no fun unless you know how to make the best out of the harsh condition there. In winter, other than the freezing temperature, you go to face the snow. Man, it was harsh yet enjoyable. One day outside it’s still gloom with all the barren trees and all, but the next day, lo and behold!

White snow! As white, fluffy and pure as you can imagine.

Being an island gives Hokkaido a very peculiar and special kind of snow. It’s called powder snow, because the snow’s structure is very fine. Whenever I went for snowboarding, the ride is soo smooth and very engaging to say the least.

Okaylah, back to daging ayam story.

Ada sorang kohai (=junior) Malaysian nih. 1st year memang dok kat ryo (=hostel ). So time winter dia malas nak gi ulang alik ke kedai makanan halal nak beli daging ayam. Dia beli la 4 ketul sekali gus, tahan sebulan dia kata. Masaalahnya fridge kat bilik dia cuma boleh sumbat 2 ketul je dalam fridge tuh. 2 ketul lagi camane?

So being a smart guy that he is (sarcastically) he came up with a brilliant idea.

Apa kata taruk je dalam timbunan salji kat luar? His reasoning was, even outside temperature is lower than the frige, so dia korek dua lubang, dan kambuskan daging ayam tu, content that he has solved his problem.Tak pasti pulak dia ada tinggalkan tanda...

Simple yet brilliant solution don’t you think? Use the nature to help us. Bakpe susah2 masuk dalam fridge? I was quite impressed with the guy.

Tapi tu lah, ada je yang tak kena.

The thing was he forgot where he put those frozen meat. Dia carik le the whole area poking into the snow searching for his frozen meat.Carik high and low ler. I bet it was quite a sight. Last2 dia give up.(penat aku cucuk2 tak jumpa :he said)

Sampai habis winter tak jumpa daging ayam dia. Now that I think of it , maybe somebody else yang terjumpa dan took it already. (there aren’t any stray dog at Hokkaido)
Hahahaha! I had a laugh whenever I think of this incident.

So to pedum (if he ever read this), lenkali jangan lupa mana ko letak daging ayam tuh! :P

I'll post something more about winter next time, pasal snowboarding kot?

Have a nice and barkah day.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Of being older ( and not old)

Kalau ikutkan takwim hijrah tahun lepas bulan 8 lagi aku dah berumur 28 tahun.Tapi pasal biasanya kita ikut takwim masihi maka dua hari yang lepas jadilah aku manusia berumur 28 tahun.

What does that tells me?

Well, I still got two years to be 30 hahahaha. And like kak melah ms, another 27 years to retirement heh

And still a few things to achieve before that.

One of them is being a master graduate from UTM, that’s academically, while professionally I do want to sit for my IR or PE (professional engineer) exam once I fulfilled the 3 years ‘waiting’ time. Other stuffs let it be known me only hehehe.

Being 28 years old (I still prefer young hehe) man, I realised that I can’t really go wondering endlessly what I want to do; it’s time I put on my action hat. To be fair, some of the thing is an ongoing process, such as my master study. Tapi macam jodoh, I still waiting and looking high and low hahahaha.

That’s why I have to tell her, let’s stop and be just friend. She needs to forget about me and look for a better guy for herself.

Okaylah, enough with heavy stuff and let’s do some simple test to determine whether you are really old or not, or better still do you really as old or young as you think?

It’s easy, what you need is just a stopwatch. Btw, it’s called 10 second test.

Get one of your friends to do this with you. What you have to do is count from 1 to 10 in 10 seconds, means 1 number in 1 second. Ask you friend to take the time you count from 1 to 10. Senang kan?

I saw this test when I was watching some infotainment (makluburan) programme at Japan tv. (Japan tv programme is way better in infotainment stuff anywhere in the world I think).

Dah dapat result dah?

Well if you do this test to your younger brother/sister or son/daughter i.e. small children, the result would be it’ll take for them less than 10 seconds to count those 10 seconds.

If your test subject is your father or somebody older, way way older person, than it’ll take them more than 10 seconds to actually count 10 seconds.

But if you ask average adult, more or less they could count 10 seconds accurately or at least within range of plus minus 1 second.

This is due how we perceived time which closely related to our body rhythm.
I can safely say that once in a while we feel that time pass by so quickly, even though time just pass as normal in any day ( discounting any relation to Einstein general relativity theory). This happen to older people more often than not.

so kalau result yang keluar tuh menunjukkan 10 saat anda lebih lama dari 10 saat di stopwatch tuh….sedarlah anda memang sudah tua muwaahahahahahaha. to Hana-san, i bet your 10 seconds is one minute muwahahaha, same to joe gak :P

Disclaimer: this is what I still remember after seeing the tv programme 4 or 5 years back. Mungkin ada silap sana sini skit about the facts, but the test remains valid. There are those who are not affected by this test, especially those who always work using stopwatch. For example timekeeper at tournament.

Go try this test with your friend, family

Side note:

Once an audience told Einstein that he can’t understand what with all the relativity theory. Hearing that Einstein paused for a while and then give that man one example. ( I can’t really remember all of it but…here goes)

One hour talking to a beautiful blonde girl is like 10 seconds,
but 10 seconds beside a hot oven is like an hour.

Cleverly put hehehe

Oh ya, happy birthday to my friend amat amir kat kuktem, sama hari dengan aku.
And to the owner of WHG 4611, happy birthday to you too. Whoever you are.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Specky Specko Specka part 2

amik nko, dua entry dalam sehari

Semalam aku sakit kepala tahap migraine punya.

Tak tau le real migraine tuh camne, but as far as I know, it is intense headache and disabling as well. Mine yesterday was quite intense but not as disabling in the sense that I can't work. I can still work albeit my eyes can’t really look into computer monitor. The headache, Ya rabbi, it was something I haven’t had for quite a long time. The last time I had it was last year. Yesterday’s headache was probably related to my looking into monitor for a very long time, hence the sakit mata followed by sakit kepala.

Other than looking into monitor for a prolonged time, there is another reason as to why I always get headache; my spec need to be replaced. dulu lagi teruk, sampai muntah2 dia punya symptom. semalam okay je nothing to tell. Other than got to lie down and sleep for an hour.

Soo…I think maybe it’s time to look around.

Hmm…nak cari yang macamana haa…

Nak yang retro ke? Futuristic ke?

Sporty ? hhmm…

Once I read an article about choosing the right spec for certain type of face. My face can considerably be said as a little bit round ( just a little bit tau! ). Tapi lupa plak apa corresponding spec punya bentuk.

Any advise?


withdrawal syndrome

By definition: panjang sangat so sesapa yang berminat nak tau lebih lanjut sila gi sini:


But the simplest explanation that I can come up with is the symptom and behavioural changes that follows when addictive behaviour or addictive drug etc. consumption is stopped. Once the addictive stuff is stopped, withdrawal syndrome will kick in mostly in the form of anxiety and/or craving.

I think I experienced heavy withdrawal syndrome last week.

So pray tell me what’s the addictive behaviour or drug?

Err….reading other people’s blog….


Last week, my company’s internet connection went kaput and there goes too my every one hour amusement. Heck sometimes I even read blog for full one hour. Hampeh betul! Keja ke mana, dateline ke mana.

so I experienced anxiety lah,

-Apa la cerita terbaru langsat, doc-wan, hana, Tipah, mak andeh, kak atenah, joeperantau, mat jan dll.- was what I thinking for the whole week.

- aku tak update lagi kat blog nih, ada orang nak baca tak dapat, kesian….-was my regret.

The craving to double-click firefox’s icon and just clicking my favourite blogs was too much to contain, I had to look for other way to alleviate those anxiety and craving.

Work was the answer….

Pathetic, saiaku.


Okaylah, banyak gak kerja yang aku dapat buat minggu lepas.

Well that tells me, I am too addicted to blog for my own good.
Now I still read blogs but the rate has dropped down considerably.

Being busy with European order was another factor not allowing me to blog-hopping a much as I want. European order is relatively new to my company what with all the CE marking requirements. Well, that’s globalization.

maybe doc wan can tell us more about withdrawal syndrome?

Next entry. Globalization…I think.


Friday, May 06, 2005

Muwahahahha ( gelak besar2)

Muwahahahaha (gelak besar2)

My e-mail to my lecturer.


First of all I want to thank you and Dr. Hishamuddin for teaching me

and my fellow friends last semester.

I am wondering if you could tell me whether I passed or failed

Instrumentation, Measurement and Control subject.

Thank you in advance


Zakzak (nama dah diubah)

Frankly speaking, I though I failed that compulsory subject. I did try my best at the final exam (which I think helped a lot), but the assignment and the test was not very good…hence my own self-prophecy.

His reply.


You obtain a 'B' grade for MMJ1223.


Dr Musa

Yahooo!!!!!! Aku lulus muwahahaha, B pulak tuh!!!! Double muwahahaha


Yatta zeehhhh, yeahaaa…


Damn happy when I read that e-mail.

Tak sangka lulus, B pulak tuh?

Eh? Dah tulis dah? Ahhh! Dulik, aku punya blog.


Alhamdulillahirabbil ‘alamin. :)

I could have done better had I really concentrate on the subject, which I failed to do so due to my work at office. I am taking partime course of master by coursework, and the burden is sometime quite too much for me…

Nasib baik tak kahwin lagi, kalu tak…susah!

Apapun, aku tahu dah yang aku boleh ikut pengajian peringkat sarjana nih.

Zakzak boleh! Hehehe.

Definitely for next semester, I have to balance my work and my studies. From my past experience, I know how to do it, and hopefully next semester is better than last one.

But man…I’m freaking happy right now.

Even if I failed the other elective subject, Structural Dynamics ( mintak2 lulus gak) I will still be happy.

Hope you guys be happy too okay?