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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Of being older ( and not old)

Kalau ikutkan takwim hijrah tahun lepas bulan 8 lagi aku dah berumur 28 tahun.Tapi pasal biasanya kita ikut takwim masihi maka dua hari yang lepas jadilah aku manusia berumur 28 tahun.

What does that tells me?

Well, I still got two years to be 30 hahahaha. And like kak melah ms, another 27 years to retirement heh

And still a few things to achieve before that.

One of them is being a master graduate from UTM, that’s academically, while professionally I do want to sit for my IR or PE (professional engineer) exam once I fulfilled the 3 years ‘waiting’ time. Other stuffs let it be known me only hehehe.

Being 28 years old (I still prefer young hehe) man, I realised that I can’t really go wondering endlessly what I want to do; it’s time I put on my action hat. To be fair, some of the thing is an ongoing process, such as my master study. Tapi macam jodoh, I still waiting and looking high and low hahahaha.

That’s why I have to tell her, let’s stop and be just friend. She needs to forget about me and look for a better guy for herself.

Okaylah, enough with heavy stuff and let’s do some simple test to determine whether you are really old or not, or better still do you really as old or young as you think?

It’s easy, what you need is just a stopwatch. Btw, it’s called 10 second test.

Get one of your friends to do this with you. What you have to do is count from 1 to 10 in 10 seconds, means 1 number in 1 second. Ask you friend to take the time you count from 1 to 10. Senang kan?

I saw this test when I was watching some infotainment (makluburan) programme at Japan tv. (Japan tv programme is way better in infotainment stuff anywhere in the world I think).

Dah dapat result dah?

Well if you do this test to your younger brother/sister or son/daughter i.e. small children, the result would be it’ll take for them less than 10 seconds to count those 10 seconds.

If your test subject is your father or somebody older, way way older person, than it’ll take them more than 10 seconds to actually count 10 seconds.

But if you ask average adult, more or less they could count 10 seconds accurately or at least within range of plus minus 1 second.

This is due how we perceived time which closely related to our body rhythm.
I can safely say that once in a while we feel that time pass by so quickly, even though time just pass as normal in any day ( discounting any relation to Einstein general relativity theory). This happen to older people more often than not.

so kalau result yang keluar tuh menunjukkan 10 saat anda lebih lama dari 10 saat di stopwatch tuh….sedarlah anda memang sudah tua muwaahahahahahaha. to Hana-san, i bet your 10 seconds is one minute muwahahaha, same to joe gak :P

Disclaimer: this is what I still remember after seeing the tv programme 4 or 5 years back. Mungkin ada silap sana sini skit about the facts, but the test remains valid. There are those who are not affected by this test, especially those who always work using stopwatch. For example timekeeper at tournament.

Go try this test with your friend, family

Side note:

Once an audience told Einstein that he can’t understand what with all the relativity theory. Hearing that Einstein paused for a while and then give that man one example. ( I can’t really remember all of it but…here goes)

One hour talking to a beautiful blonde girl is like 10 seconds,
but 10 seconds beside a hot oven is like an hour.

Cleverly put hehehe

Oh ya, happy birthday to my friend amat amir kat kuktem, sama hari dengan aku.
And to the owner of WHG 4611, happy birthday to you too. Whoever you are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tq for wishing me here...being a bday girl..erkk..woman today..

owner whg4611

11:37 am  
Blogger hana_kirana said...

Happy birthday, The Owner of WHG4611!

Hah, 1 minute? Ye ke?

Adoiii.. seksanya menaip dalam gelap ni! Lampu2 di bilik aku tetiba tak menyala! Geramnyaaaa! Mana lah building technician ni????

Sori ye, terlepas geram kat sini pulak.

1:53 pm  
Anonymous dahlia said...

aiyak zakzak..
camna ko leh slalu lupa mana ko letak spec..bhy betul..silap ari bulan ko leh terduduk atas spec tu tau..satu g, kemas le katil2 elok2..hihi

3:20 pm  
Blogger langsat said...

sorry kalu my words menyakitkan hati anda. really really sorry.

have a nice day (and please tell that girl the truth ya?).

7:58 am  
Blogger zakzak said...

owner of whg4611:

no hal, have a good life :)

sabar sabar, jangan dibakar pulak bilik tuh? :p

i bukan stakat terduduk, terpijak pun pernah!hahaha

it's okay, truth always hurt :)
no pain no gain.
no sweat okay? have a nice day.

10:21 am  
Blogger E said...


Emy nie. U dulu dr UM ker UTM? tak sangka you nie same age dengan i ek? ..

5:20 pm  
Blogger E said...

opps BTW happy belated birthday

5:21 pm  

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