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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


It's hard and frustrating when you make mistake but it's even more frustrating if your mistake have it's effect on a lot of people.
Just a little mistake in your technical drawing, and you could hear the whole factory screaming out your name...
it's a very saiaku day for me today...

warrgghhhhh :(

taihen moushiwakearimasendeshita.

this sucks

it's depressing enough if you are disappointed with somebody.
but i tell you, it's really depressing if that person is you yourself...

this really sucks.

chou saiaku.


Blogger ChikaDior said...

thanx for da comment bout my bro.

suruh dia keje kat mc d or somewhere else? uikss... klu parents kasi mmg nak sgt dia keje.Tapi abah tak akan bg anak dia keje selagi blom masa.Lagi2 dia tu.Tak boleh pecaya.Takut bila kat luar mcm2 dia boleh buat.Dia tu mmg lain mcm sgt.... Tak lah nakal yg ketara, tapi cara dia putar belit tu mmg excellent.

Aih...thanx again for da comment. And i like it how it sounds... the bitter the pill, the faster the sickness will go.

9:54 am  
Anonymous HK said...

i know how does it feels.... let's learn from our mistakes

10:20 am  
Blogger sue said...

Cheer Up!

I screwed up big time also last week, and I've never felt SO low.

Quoting my boss "If you don't learn it the hard way, you won;t learn at all"


10:46 am  
Anonymous dahlia said...

elop fren...

cool...thats not end of the world...mmg ler sakit ati sbb kecik pon nk kecoh gler2...normal la sometime we made mistakes.

so mcm mana skang? i'm sure give me 3 days and ppl wil stop talking bout dat...

11:21 am  
Blogger zakzak said...

wohoho, cam tu ka?emm..kalu tak leh nak bagi dia berkerja then some other way then nak instill the importance of working for your own money?
you are a good akak :)

emm...thanks HK :)

hehehe, ada member ni sedap skit hahahaa. today i'm making corrective and preventive countermeasure.Hopefully okay.mesti okay punyalah hehe :D

3 hari hek?emmm camtu 3 hari le tak leh nak tunjuk muka kat production floor.kalu tak ada je yang panggil nama...hehehe :P
thanks anyway.

11:28 am  
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